About us

Gorakh Nikhil Pindeshwor dham was legally established on Jestha 16th 2068 b.s. The founder is Rupa Baba who has been blessed by Gorakhnath Baba himself as well as Nava Durga Bhavani Kali mata. It is situated in bhaisepati, Nepal. Rupa Baba sits in vyas during special days like shivaraatri and in accordance to her will. If you have a clean heart and want to take Gorakhnath as your guru this is the place to be. If you just want to receive his blessings then also you are welcome. It has not been long for me since i’ve been coming to this dham but you’ll know the difference. But bring the one biggest thing with you that is faith. Another important member is Pushpa rajya, who is in fact the sister of Rupa baba herself. Pushpa Rajya has been blessed by Mata Bagalamukhi and she sits in vyas too mostly on thursdays. I will write in detail in my next blog. But there are extraordinary stories of Rupa baba and Mata Pushpa Rajya awaiting. If i get their permission i’ll write about it someday. Rupa baba and Mata Pushpa Rajya both gives spiritual guidances.


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